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Serving children at home and around the world.

At They Are One, we are determined to create lifelong relationships with children we help and build better foundations for kids all over the world. We plan to help the vulnerable with donations and supplies to better educate, maintain healthcare, and provide food and a safe place for each child to live. We want to ultimately "do big things, a little at a time.

How You Can Help From Home


Decorated Grocery Bags

Collect blank grocery bags (brown bags) and decorate using stickers and marker designs

 Please no inappropriate images or words.

Encouraging Notes

Write clear written notes on paper, write about yourself make connections about positive things such as family, friends, school, etc. 

Do not seal notes!!


Where to drop off Bags/Notes

Once complete,

contact Michelle Chisum for drop-off info.

Contact Information:

Michelle Chisum: (831) 905-0677

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